Recapping TechTarget's Dreamforce 2012 coverage

Nearly 90,000 gathered for's annual Dreamforce conference. They were joined by three intrepid reporters - Barney Beal, Al McKeon and Adam Riglian. For a week, the TechTarget Three wrote, recorded and tweeted the biggest news from one of the year's biggest conferences. Here's a recap.


  1. The AppExchange Keynote was one of the highlights of Day 1.
  2. Dreamforce attendees and analysts got a chance to go on camera in this series of videos.
  3. Salesforce made a number of product announcements during the week. Al McKeon was all over it.
  4. During the main keynote, Editorial Director Barney Beal was full of insights.
  5. Not everything at the conference was serious. There were some lighter moments.
  6. And of course, Hammer Time