How Do You Explain Yammer And Other Stories

This is a collection of my blog posts on Yammer, an enterprise social networking platform. See the benefit of Yammer in this Yammer video


  1. How do you explain Yammer to those who don't understand it?
  2. How do you ensure that once you've implemented Yammer, it doesn't become a ghost town only frequented by those fearless few who wonder why others don't join them?
  3. Sometimes you just need to get out there and spruik it with your story and how it helped you in your own work.  
  4. How to use Yammer for learning programs or any event really....
  5. How to use Yammer for Learning and Networking.  Want to know more? I'm happy to help! 
  6. How to Use Yammer for your internal organisational programs such as the Graduate Program.  Here's an example of a Work Out Loud concept that you can use or deploy for your programs.  
  7. Here's the result of the Work Out Loud week that graduates undertook to promote their knowledge, skills, experience and project work within their organisation.
  8. Too often, organisations implement technology platforms and tools expecting their employees to start using them in their work.  Without taking the time to explain the "why" and "how" these tools will save them time, make them more productive and increase their engagement with their work, employees will not see the use and the applications for their own context.  In most cases, it's not about the tool or the platform - it's about its utility in our work as well as the expectation that our leaders themselves are using the same tools to connect with their employees, customers and brand.

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