Access Our Medicine: The Journey

Access Our Medicine was born out of a need for better access to important - often life-saving - medicines. Since its beginning in April 2014, we've heard from over 125,000 people around the globe about the importance of access to medicines. Find out more about our story below.


  1. Getting started!

  2. April 7, 2014 - Access our Medicine officially launched. Our Declaration for Affordable Medicine went live and signatures began to roll in....
  3. Declaration for Affordable Medicine
  4. Celebrites like Sarah McLachlan, Richard Branson, and Sean Penn expressed their support. As hundred of followings re-tweeted and shared their messages, our signature counter began to tick upward!
  5. Just 7 weeks later in May 2014, we neared 10,000 signatures! The team was thrilled by the good news and our new friends on social media celebrated with us.
  6. Word about Access Our Medicine spread quickly! The Initiative received widespread press coverage, including an interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
  7. CBC Interview with Alison Lawton for Launch of Access Our Medicine Initiative
  8. Less than three months after we launched, the Declaration for Affordable Medicine had reached a major milestone: 30,000 signatures! The signatures represented people from more than 160 countries and diverse groups, including the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Canadian Federation of Medical Students and European Parkinson's Disease Association. All the signatures demonstrated that the issue of affordable medicine unites people and organizations across the world.
  9. To celebrate, we took the 30,000 signatures to the World Health Organization in New York.
  10. While in New York, our AOM team member also attended working sessions for the Sustainable Development Goals. These goals decide global priorities until the year 2030, so we needed access to affordable medicine included!
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  12. We'd demonstrated to world leaders that access to medicines must be on the agenda.
  13. But we didn't stop there...

  14. As summer turned into fall, we set our sights on 100,000 signatures. We wanted to take these signatures to the United Nations to ensure that access to medicines would be included in the UN's 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Off we went!