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Arizona the next hot spot for rare earth elements?

Below are reports from several other news outlets that paint a broader picture of why rare earth elements are important, how they are used and how they are extracted. These CNET and Popular Mechanics articles show where iPhones are born and detailed graphics conveying how each element is used.


  1. One of the reasons rare earth elements are increasingly in demand is attributable to China's dwindling supply. This report from the BBC adds more context.
  2. Molycorp is featured in Tony Davis' story on rare elements. Here they provide added detail in how elements are used.
  3. These reports from the U.S. Geological Survey add detail on these elements and where they are found.
  4. PBS recently aired this report on green technology's demand for rare earth elements. Below, you can also find a video produced by Molycorp on specific applications of the elements.
  5. Watch now: Green Tech Demands Scarce 'Rare Earth' Minerals | PBS NewsHour | PBS Video
  6. An Introduction to the Rare Earths Elements