An Insta-Look at the Turnpike Crash

  1. Sitting here since like 8:15 ... 5 hours now and I'm 2 miles from work. Thankful I wasn't involved in an accident ... Almost was... But now I'm starting to go crazy . #paturnpike #shutdown #50carpileup
  2. Fire Department telling people to go back to their vehicles so they can turn cars around. #PATurnpike They are tossing out water & crackers.
  3. Prayers going out to everyone Involved in the #paturnpike crash this morning
  4. Probably gonna be stuck for a while #paturnpike
  5. About a 1/4 mile behind the #PATurnpike pileup.
  6. Entrepreneurial spirit on the #PATurnpike I am waiting for coffee to be served
  7. Big pile closer than I thought. It starts at the tractor trailer. About 100 cars involved, along with multiple trucks & trailers. #PATurnpike
  8. People are climbing the hill up to the highway overpass, because they've been in traffic for HOURS! #TrafficJam #Damn #SouthamptonPA