Learning from the Buurtzorg Model

Advancing Quality Alliance (AQuA), Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS), iNetwork and Mersey Internal Audit Agency (MIAA) 1 March 2017 | Hotel Football, Manchester


  1. Speakers: Brendan Martin, Managing Director, Public World, Sue Belgrave, Organisational Development Consultant, Public World and Riekje Elema, Nurse, Buurtzorg
  2. Buurtzorg is a Dutch healthcare organisation that has pioneered a new model of care for district and care home nursing. Consisting of many small locality-based teams, their model focuses on addressing the whole of a patient's needs and promoting choice and independence to help aid recovery.
  3. This was an exciting chance for delegates to learn from the team behind this leading care system, and explore some of the challenges and implications for delivering this model within an English health and social care setting.
  4. Here we have a round up of some of the tweets, photos and videos from staff and members. If you'd like more information about this event, please email AQuA@srft.nhs.uk.