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Social Media Classroom Resources

Online Educational Resources to create a more dynamic and interactive classroom.


  1. This is my primary website to archive all geography education resources.  I use as my primary curation tool to select the best of the web for my networks to see great videos, resources, images, links, blogs, etc. is a fantastic tool for passing along the best that internet has to provide.
  2.  Functionally, this has become my course "textbook."      
  3. My home on Google+ for my website and a forum to promote geography education and link educators together.  A presence as a Google+ page is powerful since Google searches might just promote Google+ pages.  
  4. Educators can greatly benefit from using twitter as a collaboration tools with other educators, and also as a way to connect students to broader intellectual currents beyond the walls of the classroom.  
  5. How do students start making sense of online information?  Storify allows anyone to create news articles with online sources.  More importantly, it provides a platform for anyone to distribute and disseminate that information.  
  6. Cell phones do NOT have to be the enemy.  Convert the cell phones that so many students have on them into educational resources. allows students to answer a poll question by texting an answer...the professor can have the results embedded in powerpoint or accessible online and updated in real time.  
  7. With so many results, and intersecting ideas, composed powerful images that organizes words in a hierarchical structure that evaluates the most important ideas.  Integrated with, this can provide structure to student comments is a way that would forcefully display common ideas.  
  8. Trying to follow specific conversations on twitter? can be tailored to find the news information that you find interest, relevant or compelling.  It can also be programmed to create a class newspaper.  
  9. Using twitter for ideas
  10. "a few ideas ..." (Visions of Students Today)
  11. Can't get YouTube through a school firewall?  Download the videos from home. 
  12. Where will these resources be thematically and regionally archived for future use by educators trying to plan lessons?  At