Online Educational Tools

This is a primer on how to use online resources for geography students so they can learn more about the world by participating in global conversations (not just hearing about them).

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  2. This is a practical "how to" twitter guide for geography teachers and students.  Below are some tweets that I found interesting and worth sharing with my RIC students.  
  3. This list is a sample of people and organization that I think might be interesting to follow.  Twitter isn't about broadcasting to the world at first; it is about gathering a personalized information stream based on your interests. 
  5. Before we use, we need to understand what content curation is.  In an era of information overload, finding the right information is a very valuable skill.  Curators can help you find the right sort of information, and learners can deepen their knowledge as they curate.  For your class blog, I recommend using this platform to archive all you resources.  After you post something in, you can use the class hashtag #geog400ric, and send out a tweet (on facebook or other social media platforms). 
  6. This link titled "knowledge base" explains many of the finer points of how to use
  7. Building this website will be a collaborative effort.  After you have a class This will be a