Highlights from the 2013 Disco-tech

On 21 October, 2013, the Disco-tech brought together over 100 techies, HRDs and rights activists from the eight Internet Governance Forum in Bali, Indonesia to raise awareness, share stories, and build capacity in relation to issues of privacy, surveillance, and security.

  1. .@ellerybiddle: Surveillance in Cuba happens offline at community level #disco_tech
  2. .@ellerybiddle: Bloggers in Cuba are committed against anonymity; upload their ID card #disco_tech
  3. @ellerybiddle the anti-anonimity kartel of cuban journalist, their bigbrother conviction: expose before someone report #IGF2013 #discoTech
  4. .@sirkup from Pakistan talking about surveillance in conflict zones #disco_tech
  5. APC's @nmoawad highlights need to create an Internet that is free (frm clutches of men obsessed with controlling women) #disco_tech #IGF2013
  6. 'What's it about women's sexuality that they're so obsessed with that they need to censor/control it?' - @nmoawad pic.twitter.com/hw8eySvEBa
  7. .@enayat is talking about the internet in Iran. We should't be focusing in the activists. Security is an ecosystem. #disco_tech
  8. Mahmood @enayat of Small Media Foundation: "I want to be secure online. I need to know more." #disco_tech #IGF2013 pic.twitter.com/b9tZVmsb5A
  9. Robet Guerra from @citizenlab: The IGF is a great community; good to see so many new faces #disco_tech
  10. .@Sarah_M_Clarke talking about the impact of surveillance on writers at risk #disco_tech
  11. Lightening talk on partnerships and learning from each other re human rights by Robert Guerra #disco_tech #IGF2013 pic.twitter.com/Y0fDxHHBMs
  12. .@Oktavia: On the internet if the product is free, you are the product #disco_tech
  13. .@Oktavia: Snowden brought good news: We have the human right to privacy! #disco_tech
  14. .@Oktavia: Don't be scared of the internet. Let's start with education and take it from there #disco_tech
  15. "'If the govt. wants to get me, they will, no matter what.' WRONG answer. You have a right to #privacy!" - @Oktavia at #disco_tech #IGF2013
  16. Free & open source DDoS protection for civil society & independent media! - @eQualitie's Gerard Harris steals the show! #disco_tech #IGF2013
  17. Best knock knock who's there i ever heard @equalitie DDos deflect cape and all #igf2013 disco_tech
  18. #IGF2013's communication channels have serious security flaws that have been compromising people's private information, #disco_tech reveals.