Organelle Wars 2012

Some of the funniest tweets from the Organelle Election Campaign 2012 - a classroom project led by Mr Graba.

  1. The Nucleus has Chromosomes. The data on everything of everything about you inside of us Vote for someone who knows you better than yourself
  2. IJ isn't confined to just the cell. We're putting our sights on the future. Elect an organelle that's been evolving the human brain.
  3. Let's just all be friends. After all, we're all working together to maintain a cell. But chloroplasts are still the superior organelle.
  4. @FunnyJunc Even if you didn't exist, there would still be 5 × 10^30 living forms on earth. According to the National Academy of Sciences.
  5. @FunnyJunc without us, prokaryotes would not have been able to flourish (aka eat or reproduce) and there would be no life on earth. #bummer
  6. @FunnyJunc We don't connect cells. We connect organelles. Our organelle forms the basis of evolution. Proud to be part of #prokaryotes
  7. @AnneOsterrieder @JohnRunions @mr_graba Yes! #votevacuole best organelle! Store things,destroy things-such dependable fluid-filled buddies!
  8. Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but I control you, so vote for me maybe? Lol jk you don't have a choice #science #cellswag
  9. Fun fact if there was no cytoskeleton the cell would collapse under it own weight! Just letting you know. #organellewars
  10. @Lysosome4TheWin Another Quote "The Organelles we eat aren't old and helpless, they are STUPID"
  12. Check it out! We will store all your waste, sound pretty good right? #cellswag
  13. Besties! We work together with the Golgi Body and share chemical products! @Wholly4Golgi
  14. So cool to see real scientists from around the globe like @AnneOsterrieder following my students & helping them learn! #education #edtech
  15. Funny! MT @RajMukhop: Organelles swing into election year @mr_graba. Hilarious tweets collected h/t @biochembelle 
  16. @Lysosome4TheWin You mean: "Need sum old helpless organelles eaten so that we can 'RECYCLE' them?" #cannibals #organellewars
  17. And I quote "Lysosomes don't eat other organelles, we RECYCLE them." #cannibals #organellewars
  18. With out me the mighty mitochondria you wouldn't have energy to do anything but sleep so we are the mighteist organelles
  19. Cuz though the truth my vary, this #flagellum will carry our cells safely along #gocyto #ofmonstersandmen
  20. You know those flowers you love looking at? Thank Chloroplasts. #GoGreen #Beauty
  21. @mr_graba @JohnRunions @angerstusson I think I have been followed by twenty organelles today. Best day ever!
  22. Creating proteins isn't an easy job, but someone's gotta do it. #ribosomeswag
  23. Its obvious, us cells need a strong, trusting, commanding leadership. Look no further, the definition of LEADERSHIP is here! #awesomesauce
  24. Man.. I'm feeling Kinda like a peroxisome right now... breaking down on everyone and starting some heated discussions here.. #lamejoke #nvm
  25. @Peroxi_Homie Actually, we're like the CIA: we have essential information & intelligence #DNA
  26. ANd who likes unfunctional junk? Exactly. No 1. Vote for Nucleus, and no 1 will be unfunctional junk. #yaynucleus #goconvincing #awesomeness
  27. Lysosomes kill off harmful & infected cells! We're like doctors/police men! #KeepinYallSafe #NoProblemBud #Vote4Lysosomes
  28. As the underdogs in this race, we simply ask you to elect us as your number two. We work hard to make sure you're connected overcells. #IJ
  29. Vote Peroxisomes! We're like the CIA: no one knows about us and we neutralize the enemy. ;) #secretagents #oxidationFTW
  30. everyday we are deporting dangerous substances everyday from our cell. We are small but we do so much! @respect @protection
  31. We don't control you, we simply just have so much awesomeness in our chromosomes,chromatin, and membrane.we influence you! #yayus #gonucleus
  32. The nucleas is too controlling already. Best organelle? NO WAY. #voteplasmamembrane
  33. Did all your cell organelles do what they're supposed to today? #you'rewelcome
  34. Gap Junctions = Neural Synapses. Helping the human race think, grow, and evolve. #getconnected2012
  35. the cell membrane is trying to trap you on the inside! break free and vote for ribosomes! #sciencenerdsforever
  36. Its useless to bicker amongst all the integral parts of the cell. Its time to think abroad; for the future. InterCell. Juncts. #getconnected
  37. The cytoskeleton holds your precious control center in place.Otherwise it would be flying around like the particles of gas. #unstablenucleus
  38. Who wants such a volatile organelle like Lysosomes? If one bursts the entire cell dies. Vote for the nucleus. #TheNucleus2012
  39. Why vote for the cell wall? It is only found in plants. We are people not plants. Vote for something that matters. Vote Nucleus 2012! #2012
  40. The Cell Membrane has been known to interfere with blood sugar's ability to penetrate cells, which could lead to obesity! #VoteGolgi
  41. Microorganism terrorist attack! Cell Wall Homeland Security... #GetReadyForAction!
  42. All the nucleus does is sit around and boss everyone around, while we're at the front line holding off an evil army of pathogens. #Defender
  43. @MightyMitochon Ah yes, Darth Vader and his many deep breaths. * coughthankstotheamazingciliacytoskeletonftwcough *
  44. Semi-permeable.. It is tough and weak at the same time.. Can you say awesome? #COOOOOOL
  45. #funfacttime The nucleus was discovered by Robert Brown, a Scottish botanist... EVERYTHING'S BETTER IN SCOTLAND! #yayscotland #funaccents :3
  46. Hear that? Is that breathing? Courtesy of our #cilia, cleaning up your lungs since the beginning of time.
  47. We act as a pressure vessel! Without us, whenever water enters the cell, it will over-expand and BLOW UP!! #DontLetCellBlowUpVoteCellWallNow
  48. If you ever need anyone to talk to, I'll be there. After all, I know all of you, I did hold most of your DNA... #beingnice #deepstuffthere
  49. We're your cars, trains, airplanes, subways, and any other modes of transportation you can think of. #VoteCytoskeleton
  50. *Movie Music* Imagine a world... Where there are NO DOORS... dundundundun #getconnected2012
  51. My name is Bob the builder. I build proteins. Your argument is irrelevant. #ribosomeswag