Avoid These 3 Amazon Marketing Blunders With AMZShark - Amazon Rank Tracking / Reporting

If you want to avoid common mistakes amazon marketers make, read this article on amazon rank tracking.


  1. If you sell a product on Amazon and you want to avoid these 3 obvious mistakes almost every amazon marketer makes; if you want to add a decimal space to your bottom line and crush your competitors then you need to give me your attention right now. This may be the most important advice you take regarding your Amazon business.

    First, to make sure you never lose financial opportunity on amazon ever again, I suggest you get signed up with Amzshark straight-away. A lot of what I will be covering will be information and data that Amzshark collects. As of right now, this little-known Amazon tool is quietly helping only a select few open up gigantic streams of income. So, if you're serious about making more money on Amazon, get this tool before continuing with the rest of this guide.

    All signed up? You won't regret it, trust me, there's so many untapped markets on Amazon. You'll be having dreams about all of the new opportunities you will find once you figure out what you're doing wrong and we're going to be going over that next.

    The first major mistake Amazon sellers make is so obvious once you sign up for Amzshark. (Think new market opportunities). More market opportunities through research and data are what separate the winners from the losers when it comes to creating your empire on Amazon.

    Secondly on the list of mistakes Amazon marketers make is not tracking their organic Amazon ranking with an Amazon rank tracker such as Amzshark. Did you know that you can optimize your listings so that they give you more exposure. More exposure means more eyeballs to your products, which always results in more sales!

    Amazon rank tracking should really be tied with the number one mistake marketers make when selling online because even if you have the hottest product, it's not going to do you much good if you're not tracking the results through the organic rankings themselves.

    Lastly, if you sell a product or service on Amazon you should be spying on your competitors and looking for ways to model their success. There's a few ways to do this. First, you can always see how they are optimizing their pages. Focus on the words they are using, there might be some patterns there that you might want to try on your listings. Secondly, you will no doubt want to drive traffic to your listings off of amazon to make it seem like your listing is naturally picking up a lot of popularity. One easy way is by using PPC or PPV to drive traffic to your listings.

    I believe when you do this, you are essentially showing Amazon that your listing is popular and people are coming from all over the web to see it. One last tip, although I didn't mention I was going to say this. A lot of my traffic comes from forum marketing. That's right, when you build your reputation online, a lot of members wont mind if you drop a link to your listing. You should be doing this along side using Facebook to help drive natural traffic to your amazon listings.

    So let's recap, shall we? Look, I'm not going to tell you that you need all of the tools the pros are using to make a lot of money with Amazon. I bet you think you can do just fine without them and maybe you could. Now if I was a betting man, I know who'd I be placing my money on if it came down to it. Simply put, the cost of Amzshark will pay for itself over and over again once you start to see the real opportunity of using it. It's the #1 Amazon rank tracker on the market and I strongly urge you to quit being a fool like every other marketer who doesn't do the most critical thing for their business, which is getting valuable information from your competitors. AMZshark does all that, so go sign up today before they pull their software off the shelves!