The Use of Book Groups in Social Work Education

Amanda Taylor a Senior Lecturer School in the Social Work University of Central Lancashire explains ...........

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  1. Readers need to be aware that this story unfolds in chronological order so please scroll down for the latest additions
  2. Social Work Book Group:  a strategy designed to support traditional teaching methods and further consolidate knowledge, learning and development within social work education programmes. Book Group began as a reading group within a module of learning.  However, the notable impact of shared discussion and subsequent reflection led to the exploration of book group as a teaching method; where fiction, individuals and the group pro-actively forge knowledge acquisition within a informal learning space.

    Book Group attracts national attention through it's Twitter feed @SWBookClub and is now linked with six social work schools from across the UK who aspire to develop professional communities of learning.

    The introduction of visiting Professors to Book Group events has provided students with an opportunity to engage pro-actively with research; applying research to the fictional characters, and circumstances being explored broadens the overall learning potential.  Developing research minded practitioners is another Book Group aim. 

    *All participants have consented to the streaming and uploading of the attached footage

  3. Below is the recent publication by @ProfJScourfield and @amltaylor66

    Using a Book Group to Facilitate Student Learning About Social Work in Social Work Education: The International Journal

  4. Video Blog of the first Book Group - contains an explanation of the Book Group process and Book Club as a supplementary teaching and learning activity by Amanda Taylor
  5. Above is the live recording of the Deborah Morgan text Disappearing Home
  6. Kevin Ruston A  media student from @uclan who worked with Amanda Taylor to develop a short film on the first Book Groupsession and above video is the end result and links to Kevin's work
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  8. Amanda Taylor Senior Lecturer within the School of Social Work UCLan and Book Group Lead
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  10. The first Book Group, linked above, was critiqued and discussed in the company of the author Deborah Morgan.  Deborah read from the text and provided students with the space to de-construct the characters and explore the psychological and sociological features of the story.  Students also considered intervention based upon an explanation of a social worker located within the text who intervened as a result of reported domestic violence within Robyn's home environment.  
  11. Community Care magazine interview with Amanda Taylor Book Book Group and Deborah Morgan Author of Disappearing Home
  12. Deborah Morgan Author of Disappearing Home on Twitter