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Shady Glen Catches Attention At James Beard Foundation Awards

The venerable Shady Glen burger, made with not one, not two, but four slices of griddle-fried cheese, was named as one of the James Beard Foundation's 2012 "America's Classics." The award honors five American restaurants "with timeless appeal."


  1. When a video of the retro Manchester dairy aired during Monday night's award ceremony, food writers, chefs and professionals got hungry. And some even started planning trips.
  2. Locals reacted to the news:
  3. In May 2011, the Hartford Courant featured Shady Glen as one of Connecticut's 10 most iconic burgers.
  4. "It's so much fun to see how they're going to decide to eat it," said manager Billy Hoch of the distinctive burger. "They just can't get the concept…they twirl the plate in a circle, and just look at it. Some take half the cheese off and save it, or fold the rest."