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​#SocialCurrentSee®▶* #GenX,Y (Gwz = "Gee whiz of Late Night TV") in common (sometimes UNCOMMON) interest developments (more than HOAs) in the clips, links, comments, views and stories archived by #ALTACITIES ® (posted on 16 April 2016)


  1. * Evidence more than suggests: The USA Late Night shows are the most trusted source of commentary and news opinion for both GEN-X and GEN-Y viewers. And if the following recent clip is any indication, it would, in fact, explain a lot about the preference of the younger generations for the politics of Bernie Sanders. Combined, this propulation demographic has over 125 million, about half of the total electorate that could vote in November. Their primary attitudinal characteristic: "Mistrust of traditional institutions."

    On that point, just wait another decade or two and see what happens when this group starts moving into common interest developments (aka HOAs).
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