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​ Flip②▶ 45th★Worth® ▶#SocialCurrentSee® by #ALTACITIES® ▶#ClintonVote ▶Protestors and apologists archive the #2016Election with many expounding how #HRC won the popular vote by 1M+ but #TrumpWins the #ElectoralCollege by exceeding 270 votes


  1. TWITTER moments (like the one below) and social media content today archive the results of web search for the trending #ClintonVote story and social media links▶ Within these links and the #SocialCurrentSee on topic, we learn about the raging debate about the #ClintonVote▶ According to the latest tally (see the NYT summary page), HRC finished the election with more than a million more popular votes than her GOP challenger▶ Yet, Donald J. Trump and his V.P. running mate Michael (Mike) R. Pence won the #ElectoralCollege, exceeding the required 270 votes in the column, even likely to exceed 300 electoral votes when the cliffhanger state of Michigan is finally confirmed▶ But a deeper analysis of the largest state vote in California finds that #Clinton/Kane garnered 7.23M popular votes there compared to #Trump/Pence with 3.84M, an advantage of 3.39M▶ But the #Clinton/Kane margin nationally stands (at the date of this post) at 1.266 million votes▶ Therefore, the current tally must reflect that #Clinton/Kane actually lost the election in the remaining states by a margin of 2.13M votes▶ If you discount Michigan (barely leaning GOP), the tally of state electoral votes is now 16 for DEMS and 34 for GOP▶ At the end of this post, see the #SocialCurrentSee tweets and posts by POTUS-elect Donald Trump, also the first US President-elect to effectively and constantly use social media during a presidential campaign▶ He has told the American people about his intent to continue using social media during his term(s) in office and we continue to archive his profile▶ For the record, as of the date of this posting, HRC last posted on Twitter ten days ago▶

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