In response to one viral Twitter hashtag, a new one has emerged.


  1. On Monday, the hashtag #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen trended globally to highlight the exclusion of nonwhite women from mainstream feminism. As a subset of that initial conversation, a new hashtag, #BlackPowerIsForBlackMen, has formed in mostly urban US centers, and it is now also rapidly trending.
  2. A post from feministing.com explains the new hashtag's creation and its relationship to #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen.
  3. Then yesterday, #Blackpowerisforblackmen emerged, the brainchild of Jamilah Lemieux of Ebony.com, in a similar vein as #Solidarityisforwhitewomen, only this time directed at black men (not unlike myself) who have not been inclusive of the concerns of black women while trying deal with racism and white supremacy.
  4. This is Jamilah Lemieux's tweet, where she claimed credit for the hashtag's creation:
  5. This afternoon, Twitter users are actively engaged with the new hashtag, leading to what one netizen called 'some serious, at times contentious, conversation...'
  6. During the early hours of the hashtag appearing on Twitter, many black women, including Lemieux, spoke to the hashtag's original intent.
  7. But many men are now using the hashtag to criticize its original intent.
  8. Others are tweeting additional issues that are not directly related to the hashtag's original purpose.