Speaking up for Industrial Archaeology

Association for Industrial Archaeology workshop, April 23rd 2016


  1. On April 23rd the Association for Industrial Archaeology held a workshop on 'Speaking up for Industrial Archaeology' in Ironbridge. The day was aimed at local heritage groups and volunteers who are involved in speaking up for industrial archaeology in their local areas. Speakers included members of groups who are involved in looking after a range of different industrial archaeological sites (including buildings and buried sites) as well as national organisations who support groups involved in local advocacy, including the Council for British Archaeology and Civic Voice. The workshop was live-tweeted using the hashtag #AIAadvocacy.
  2. The day started with an overview of the current situation for industrial archaeology in England by Dr. Mike Nevell (Director of Applied Archaeology at the University of Salford and AIA council member). This was followed by a rousing talk by Ian Harvey from Civic Voice about the Civic movement, how local groups can influence decision makers and why its so important that we all speak up for the things that we care about in our local areas.
  3. Then we heard from Elizabeth Heaton (Friends of Friar Gate Bridge) and David Moore from the Lichfield Waterworks Trust.