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An Evolving Landscape: Promoting Knowledge Transfer and Behavior Change in Online and Offline Environments

How can behavior change initiatives use the digital and physical space in a unified and effective way? This is the evolving question that started with the American Institutes for Research’s (AIR) Power or Promise panel event in 2014, has continued at the CDC in February, and is now making waves at this year’s 37th Annual NARRTC Conference.


  1. The Panelists:
  2. HASHTAG: #HealthBCDE

  3. The Event Agenda:

  4. Leading Up Excitement:

  5. The Kickoff:

  6. There were a number of insights raised in the initial minutes of the workshop.
  7. 1. The value of a strategic approach to translating knowledge into effective communication.
  8. 2. Digital and physical spaces often need to be considered in unison to navigate the "Black Box".
  9. 3. How social listening can inform what channels are deemed valuable for knowledge transfer.