On Tuesday, December 10, 2013, AILA members and staff took part in a 24 hour fast to urge the House of Representatives to pass immigration reform this year. AILA Executive Director Crystal Williams and American Immigration Council Executive Director Ben Johnson both participated.


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  2. "I joined this fast for one simple reason: because our country needs House leadership to bring immigration reform legislation up for a vote," said AILA Executive Director Crystal Williams. She continued, "Is going without food pleasant? No. But across the nation, there are immigrants being torn away from their families and deported, each and every day. The hunger we will feel for these 24 hours is such an infinitely minor feeling compared to the hunger those children and parents, spouses and siblings feel to be reunited with their loved ones."
  3. See some photos as AILA staff go visit #Fast4Familes on the National Mall:
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  5. AILA member writes about her experience fasting for immigration reform below:
  6. Read some great tweets from AILA and AIC staff and members on their #AILAFast4Reform experience!
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