How YOU were #FacingAIDS for World AIDS Day 2013

A sample of #FacingAIDS messages and photos from World AIDS Day, December 1 across social media: Vine, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and more. For more information, read the blog post:

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  1. By putting my face to the Disease, I am hoping to help reduce the stigma around HIV/AIDS and to help promote HIV testing. #Facingaids #HIV
  2. Check out the #FacingAIDS photos from KICK's Health & Wellness Expo. Submit your own personal message to show your support. Together we can eliminate #HIV and stigma.
  3. Por que JUNTOS llegaremos a CERO! 1ro de Diciembre Dia Mundial del SIDA! #llegaracero #gettingtozero #facingAIDS
  4. I serve a GOD who is bigger than Aids....I decided to take a stand in the African-American Community to end the stigma & encourage others....I will stand even if I must Stand Alone!!....God's Got Me. #FacingAIDS #WorldAidsDay2013
  5. Facing Aids Day- World Aids Day UTK Nov. 25, 2013