Activists across Canada took action, and people noticed!


  1. WRITE FOR RIGHTS was Featured in the News Across Canada

  2. With more than 2000 Write for Rights events registered this year, we had a phenomenal turnout at events around the country. Also, for the first time ever, Write for Rights featured a human rights case in Canada - the Site C dam in northeast BC.

    Thanks to your hard work and activism, the impact of those events was multiplied by excellent media coverage across the country.

    Here are some examples!

  3. "Amnesty International will inundate Justin Trudeau with Site C dam messages on International Human Rights Day" - the Georgia Straight

  4. "In an age of technology, the power of the pen can still change lives." - Stratford Beacon-Herald

  5. "Quite simply, these letters shine light into the dark corners; they remind those in charge that the world is watching, that the world knows who they are and will hold them responsible for their acts." -- The Nelson Star

  6. "With issues all over the world, Amnesty has writing groups almost everywhere," - Peninsula News Review

  7. "The only letter that will never work is the one you don't send." - Write for Rights Activist on CTV News, Saskatoon

  8. "Trudeau must uphold the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which requires "free, informed, prior consent" from First Nations..." - Don Wright, in the Canadian Press

  9. "Writing letters is a powerful tool for change. As letters, tweets, and emails start arriving at government offices, prison cells, and family homes, change happens and hope grows." - Millstone News

  10. "Amnesty’s Write for Rights campaign is the world's largest human-rights event, taking place in more than 200 countries and territories ... on behalf of those suffering from human-rights abuses." - Northumberland Today

  11. "There’s so many human rights violations in the world, I just want to use my freedom to help. My voice, joined with thousands worldwide, is powerful.” - Amnesty Activist Lisa Forbes, in MyToba.ca

  12. "Write for Rights mobilizes millions of people around the world using the power of letter-writing to influence world leaders to protect individuals or communities whose rights are being violated." -- Comox Volley Record

  13. "An annual Amnesty International human-rights campaign is taking aim at a Canadian project for the first time — the Site C dam," - Macleans.ca