Amnesty International Canada

Human Rights in The News: March 13-20, 2017


  1. At Last! Canada Apologizes for its role in Torture of Almalki, Elmaati and Nurredin

  2. Government apologises and announces settlement more than a decade after three Canadian men were arrested and tortured in Syria with the complicity of Canadian officials
  3. Trump's Travel Ban Struck Down, Again

  4. Amnesty International: This ban "is anti-Muslim bigotry falsely packaged as security"
  5. Stand up for Refugee Rights

  6. Cynical EU refugee deal with Turkey passes 1-year anniversary. Refugee claimants make dangerous journeys across the US/Canada border as Canada fails to suspend Third Safe Country Agreement.
  7. EU Ban on Headscarfs in the Workplace Upheld by European Court of Justice

  8. Amnesty International: "Disappointing" ECJ Ruling Opens "Backdoor" to Prejudice