Amnesty International Canada

Human Rights in the News: Feb 20-27, 2017


  1. International rise in politics of "Us vs Them" is breeding division and fear

  2. Amnesty International's International Annual Report for 2016/17 warns of a rising tide of divisive politics of "demonization" and scapegoating

  3. 10 years later, First Nations children are still waiting for Justice

  4. After more than a decade since the AFN and the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada filed their child welfare complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, First Nations children are still waiting for the Government to protect their rights.

  5. Refugees at Risk

  6. Amnesty International Canada has called on the government to immediately suspend the 3rd Safe Country agreement with the United States.

  7. Anti-Immigrant Protests in South Africa

  8. Amnesty warns "precarious" situation in Pretoria could "easily escalate into serious violence."