Amnesty International Canada

Human Rights in the News: Jan 30 - Feb 6, 2017


  1. "Solidarity Must Defeat Hate"

  2. Amnesty International condemns deadly mass shooting targetting Muslims while peacefully worshipping at Quebec City mosque

  3. #NoBanNoWall - Demonstrations at US consulates in Canada

  4. Amnesty International calls on Canada to immediately suspend "3rd Safe Country" agreement with USA in the wake of President Trump's Executive Orders

  5. Amnesty International to Canada: Say NO to information obtained through torture

  6. Amnesty calls on Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale to rescind a Ministerial Directive allowing Canadian security agencies to use shared information obtained through torture

  7. AI REPORT: Philippines' Police Paid Incentives in Duterte's "War on the Poor"

  8. The Philippines police have killed and paid others to kill thousands of alleged drug offenders in a wave of extrajudicial executions that may amount to crimes against humanity