Amnesty International Canada

Human Rights in the News: Jan 16-23, 2017


  1. Amnesty International calls on Trump to respect human rights, joins #WomensMarch rallies around the world

  2. Amnesty International Canada & USA officially endorsed rallies in North America as demonstrators flooded the streets of Washington, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and many, many others.

  3. In the wake of Trump inauguration, Amnesty International calls on Canada to make #Canada2017 a year for the advancement of human rights

  4. New Human Rights Agenda highlights key human rights anniversaries and the critical need for Canada to show human rights leadership at home and abroad in this symbolic year marked by global turmoil

  5. Obama commutes remainder of Chelsea Manning's sentence

  6. Amnesty lobbied on her behalf as the outgoing president of the United States commuted her sentence in the final days of his presidency

  7. Leonard Peletier denied clemency, "condemned to die" in prison