Name that Drink!

In celebration of the AHA’s return to New Orleans, we asked our readers to help us name a few cocktails that will be available at the various hotel bars throughout the meeting.


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  3. Sazerac - is a New Orleans cocktail served only in NOLA; FYI - a place called Cure - is one of the greatest cocktail places in NOLA. One should (MUST) try Sazerac!!!
  4. The Triple Entente - vodka, cognac and iced tea in a tall glass on the rocks. Twist of lemon.
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  6. The Scholarly Debate
    - Erin 
  7. How about a drink commemorating Eric Hobsbawm, who passed away this year? It would certainly have a peaty scotch as its base liquor.- Jay
  8. Tweed- Vanessa
  9. The Revisionist – It’s an “old Fashioned” mixed in reverse order and served in a brand new glass.- Jason
  10. The Forgotten Footnote- Michael