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Turns out the internet doesn't love people who attack teachers

Campbell Brown thought she could co-opt parents and students (and even union slogans) to demonize public school teachers. This is the story of Campbell Brown's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day(s).

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  1. This story begins with Campbell Brown's astroturf organization filing suit against due process for teachers in New York...
  2. A little background in case you're wondering what teacher tenure and due process are and who they protect:  
  3. When word got out that Campbell Brown was going on the Colbert Report to promote her lawsuit seeking to end due process for teachers in New York, public school parents, students, teachers, and their supporters took to the internet to submit #questions4campbell to make their voices heard and are taking to the streets to fight back. 
  4. We could keep going, but, there are 4,200 8,400 #questions4campbell tweets and counting, so, for the sake of brevity, we'll move on.

    Meanwhile, as all of this is unfolding, Campbell Brown's organization, Partnership for Educational Justice, plagiarizes AFT's mission to reclaim the promise of public education. 
  5. Notice any similarities? Here is the difference between the two visions.