'A situation longing to be reconciled'

Lt. Col. Craig Perry was removed from command of a basic training squadron earlier this year. Retired Lt. Col. Tony Carr examines the commander-directed investigation that started it all.


  1. In his John Q. Public blog, retired Lt. Col. Tony Carr dissects the controversial case of a basic training squadron commander who was relieved of duty earlier this year for unprofessional relationships with enlisted members in his unit and for undermining the authority of his CO.

    Air Force Times first wrote about the case of Lt. Col. Craig Perry in an online story that went viral last month. Perry was also the subject of a June 16 cover story that examines the commander-directed investigation that ultimately led to the first-time squadron commander's removal. 

    In short, the Perry camp claims he was punished for doing exactly what the Air Force has asked of its leadership: Know and care for your airmen.

    The Air Force says Perry's boss lost faith in his ability to command for good reason.

    In his second blog on the Perry case, Carr, a former squadron commander and deputy group commander, calls the circumstances surrounding Perry's removal "an unacceptable and dangerously corrupt chain of events."

    "If a commander is going to be fired, there should be either a clear reason given for it, or credible documentation supporting it," Carr writes in examining each substantiated allegation against Perry. "In this case, there is neither. It’s a situation longing to be reconciled."