Florida RepEtudes Workshop 2013

As part of our mission to transform how people think about and experience dance, American Dance Legacy Initiative (ADLI) led a seven-day workshop in modern history and repertory at the Middle School for the Arts in West Palm Beach, FL.


  1. From June 16 to June 23, ADLI brought together a community of dancers, choreographers, and historians to study works of modern dance. The workshop included six days of residency activities with Middle School of the Arts students, as well as intensive retreat sessions to develop materials documenting the style and creative process of choreographer Danny Buraczeski, our guest artist and a contributor to ADLI's Repertory Etudes Collection (TM). Throughout the week, our bodies, minds, and emotions were fully engaged in making connections and exploring ideas through dance. 
  2. We spent three hours each morning taking class with choreographer, SMU professor, and JAZZDANCE founder Danny Buraczeski, practicing "how to be disorganized" as jazz movers and learning his Slow Drag Etude, a new piece of repertory.
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  5. For the rustier dancers among us, this could be tough (but fun!) work.
  6. In the afternoon, the student dancers worked on a wide range of modern dance repertory (ADLI's Parsons Etude, Mary Wigman's Witch Dance, and works by Peter Bennett and Laura Bennett).
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  11. Meanwhile, dancers Peter Bennett and Amy Burns worked with Danny on his duet Etude.
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  13. Enrichment activities every day deepened our knowledge of dance heritage and our awareness of our own role in inheriting and passing along this complex web of tradition and creativity.
  14. From contact improv: