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Aunty Turns 80

The ABC is celebrating a landmark birthday with Australia's public broadcaster making its first transmission 80 years ago today. To mark the anniversary, we asked you to share your favourite memories of Aunty.


  1. To mark eight decades on air for the ABC, we asked you to share your favourite memories. 
  2. And we got into the spirit a bit ourselves...
  3. Many remembered as kids growing up with Aunty never too far away.
  4. I grew up with the Argonauts Club, listening weekday afternoons from 5:00pm. I joined in 1954 as Elpenor 26. Atholl Fleming was "Mac" and John Ewart was "Jimmy".
  5. Dr Who as a kid, hiding behind the couch when the daleks were doing the daleky deeds.. falling for sarah jane and leela and Romana II.. good times
  6. I'll always fondly remember the ABC being a part of many of my favourite big teen moments with friends. Triple J or Rage provided the soundtrack to many good times, and I've lost count of the many laughs I shared with friends over shows like AbFab and The Late Show.
  7. Play School Intro (Old)
  8. The ABC has brought a few laughs along the way...
  9. So much good comedy. Aunty Jack, The Greater Illustrated History of the Glorious Antipodes Show, Norman Gunston, D-Gen, Late Show... I could go on and on....
  10. Literally wetting ourselves with laughter, my mother and I in our farm kitchen listening to the serialised reading of "They're a Wierd Mob" after we too belatedly got electricity.
  11. Joan Kirner - I Love Rock n Roll
  12. People have fond memories of the ABC's news and current affairs programs too.
  13. The musical introduction to the 6.30am news used to fill me with panic as it signalled that our school bus from the mountains surrounding Blaxlands Creek in rural N.S.W. was seconds away. Our driver, Mr Singh, was never late and expected the same in return. His bus service, like the ABC radio service was our link to the outside world, Thanks ABC.
  14. Earliest memories: watching Caroline Jones present 4 Corners on the small B&W TV on top of the fridge, while we ate our sunday lunch in the early 1970's.