ABB - a year of responsible gambling

The Association of British Bookmakers and its members have been at the forefront of promoting responsible gambling in 2017.


  1. ABB | Association of British Bookmakers
    ABB | Association of British Bookmakers
  2. Our year in review

  3. In January, betting shops in London's Chinatown took part in a community responsible gambling campaign in partnership with the Chinese National Healthy Living Centre. The week long campaign saw shops carry bilingual posters and leaflets with the message "never bet more than you can afford."
  4. In February, ABB launched a six month project with schools and youth groups across Scotland to highlight the risks associated with problem gambling. More than 2,500 young people attended classroom or assembly presentations delivered by Paisley based charity RCA Trust. Studies show that young people who gamble are more likely to become problem gamblers as adults. The project covered a large swathe of Scotland, from Ayrshire to the Highlands.
  5. In March, ABB joined forces with Merseyside Police to launch an anti crime campaign in the run up to Cheltenham and the Grand National. Crime in betting shops is low thanks to the close working relationship between bookmakers and Police forces up and down the country.
  6. Also in March, a new survey found that a multi-operator self exclusion scheme, introduced in April 2016, had proved highly effective in stopping problem gambling.
  7. In April, the gambling industry launched a new anti-money laundering risk assessment report. Although considered a low risk, this is nevertheless an issue the sector takes extremely seriously.
  8. In May, MSPs in the Scottish Parliament signed a Motion praising ABB for its outreach work with young people.
  9. In June, ABB funded a week long responsible gambling campaign in the Merkinch area of Inverness. Delivered in partnership with local charity For the Right Reasons, the campaign provided bilingual leaflets on responsible gambling and offered counselling support for anyone concerned about their gambling activity. This was the first community campaign of its kind delivered in Scotland by the ABB.
  10. Local campaigners hailed the Inverness pilot a success, while counselling services welcomed the initiative. Discussions to roll out similar community responsible gambling campaigns are continuing.
  11. Campaign to promote responsible gambling hailed 'a success ...
    Campaign to promote responsible gambling hailed 'a success ...
  12. In August, a new report by the independent Gambling Commission found that problem gambling rates have remained statistically stable over the past 20 years. The study also found that problem gambling is not linked to any single product.
  13. In September, it was revealed that betting shop staff saved the life of a customer after he failed to place his usual bet. Concerned staff found him in a diabetic coma after visiting his home.
  14. In October, the gambling industry launched its first ever Responsible Gambling Week. Betting shops across the country joined forces with arcades, casinos, bingo halls and online betting sites to promote a joint awareness campaign. ABB is committed to working with industry partners to deliver new tools to identify and support problem gamblers.