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2013 AAP Children's Art Contest

Highlights from the 2013 children's art contest, sponsored by the AAP Richmond Center.


  1. Every year, the American Academy of Pediatrics sponsors a children's art contest for young artists in grades 3-12 in the U.S. and ages 13-18 internationally. Each year, a different health topic affecting child and family health is chosen as the theme of that year’s contest. The AAP Julius B. Richmond Center sponsored tobacco control-themed contests in 2009 and 2010. We enjoyed sponsoring those contests so much that we decided to sponsor the 2013 contest as well!
  2. The Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute (FAMRI) sponsored the art contest all three years as part of their grant to the Richmond Center. FAMRI was created from the class action lawsuit between flight attendants and the tobacco industry- flight attendants were getting sick from breathing all the secondhand smoke while they worked in airplanes. It may seem like a long time ago that smoking was still allowed on flights, but some people remember it well because they had to experience the secondhand smoke daily. The flight attendants brought a class action lawsuit against the tobacco industry to get compensation for damages for diseases and deaths caused to non-smoking flight attendants from exposure to second hand tobacco smoke in airline cabins. The 1997 Settlement included the establishment of a medical and scientific research entity (FAMRI). Learn more about FAMRI:
  3. The theme of this year's art contest was "A World Free From Tobacco and Secondhand Smoke".
  4. The art contest was promoted by the AAP and its parent-focused Web site, among other sites and social media channels.
  5. The art contest was even featured on Parents magazine's online parent blog!
  6. We got so many excellent entries this year! The entries were split into four categories: grades 3-5, grades 6-8, grades 9-12, and international entries (ages 13-18).
  7. AAP Richmond Center staff whittled down the entries and voted for their favorites. Those favorite entries became finalists, and the winners were selected by some of the Associate Executive Directors at the American Academy of Pediatrics. The judges looked at each piece of artwork and voted for their favorites. For each of the three U.S. categories, a first and second place winner was selected. In the international category, one first place winner was picked.
  8. Next came the awards ceremony for the first place winners! Each year, the first place winners in the U.S. categories are invited to the AAP National Conference and Exhibition, where thousands of pediatricians, health care clinicians, families, and staff come to learn the newest information in child health.
  9. This year's conference was held in Orlando, FL. What kid wouldn't want to come to Orlando, home of Mickey Mouse?!
  10. AAP President Dr. McInerny presented the award checks to the three U.S. winners.
  11. Emily S., first place winner in grades 3-5. Her artwork:
  12. Caroline S., first place winner in grades 6-8. Her artwork:
  13. MinJoo K., first place winner in grades 9-12. Her artwork: