Horse Welfare 2012 - The Year in Review....

Horse advocates have had a busy year working to prohibit the importation or exportation of horses for slaughter for human consumption. Horse protection groups released many damning reports of abuse and drug contamination, and took aggressive legal action to discourage slaughter.


  1. War Horse Movie Official Teaser Trailer - Directed by Steven Spielberg - HD
  2. Canadian Horse Defence Coalition releases "Pasture to Plate,"  an investigation of Les Viandes de la Petite-Nation slaughterhouse,  which received a large loan to retrofit its operations,  only to have its practices exposed as inhumane and bringing the captive bolt usage into question.
  3. Dr. Ann Marini rebuts United Horsemen and Unified Equine sponsored letter to Elsevier Press,  intended to minimize the significance of phenylbutazone contamination and withdrawal times in horsemeat.
  4. Beau Jacques,  sent to slaughter by Kelsey Lefever, is acknowledged to have received phenylbutazone.
  5. Canadian Horse Defence Coalition announces partnership with horse advocates in France.
  6. While not directly related to horses or horsemeat,  the pollution caused by animal blood would seem to refute "Slaughterhouse" Sue Wallis' claims that blood is too valuable a byproduct to waste.
  7. The ASPCA Survey reveals that 80% of those surveyed are opposed to horse slaughter in the United States.