Tips and Tricks to Play Popular Batman Games

Batman, the popular superhero, has stayed popular despite being one of the oldest in the comic world. The movies, the comics, the cartoon series and now the various games have kept him alive in the hearts of the people.


  1. There are many popular Batman games that are played across the globe. Of the popular ones, Arkham series, Lego games and Dark Knight are very popular and loved by one and all. The interesting part of these games is the challenges posed by the games. Here are a few tricks and tips that would help you play Batman games with some strategy.

    Combat Scene: Arkhams Origin

    If you have played Arkhams Origins, you would know the Freeflow combat is one of the most core scenes of the game. It is difficult and highly engaging at several levels. You will be combating with six bosses during this level before you actually meet the real boss. Bronze Tiger, the first boss, will change his combat style when you understand his weakness. You will have to strategize your gaming accordingly. Deadshot, your second boss, is not fond of spotlights on his face and his gun take time to shoot though it never misses a shot. So, when he pulls his gun out, find a cover.

    Batman’s gadgets are absolutely useless in front of Solomon Grundy. Use the detective environment here to find things that can be useful. Penguin’s motion sensors and advanced weapons can make life difficult for batman. Find a way to pull the munition backpacks from their backs to pull the game off. The Joker can outrun you so make sure you cross the room quickly while Blackmask will throw grenades at you that you can dodge by flipping over your enemies. These tricks will help you play the Arkham origins and excel it too.

    Arkham City

    The trick to play Batman Games ( is to read the whole manual instructions provided. Here are some brilliant instructions that would definitely help you gain leverage while playing Arkham City.

    Ø  Before moving onto Arkham city, get well versed with Arkham Asylum. This game will help you explore the city game well

    Ø  To get Catwoman DLC, you need to have downloaded 200 MB data. Though Catwoman intro is not good, the missions are splendid. So, do download the DLC version before you begin

    Ø  If you play on easy mode, you will not get access to the game’s New Game Plus. For that you need to play on normal or hard mode

    Ø  When you complete AR missions, you unlock a tool that is useful in your later missions. So, complete the missions as soon as you get them

    Ø  The Riddler is a must in this game. It’s not difficult to find the Riddlers. Early on try tagging them. But, at a later stage you can always find tools that help locating these riddlers

    Lego Batman Games

    There are around eight levels to this game. Each level is dynamic and involves a lot of pursuits to clear it. The first level, Theatrical Pursuits, is an interesting level which involves four objectives. Here’s your tip to clear this level.

    ->  First objective is upstage Harley Quinn. Using Lex’s luthor deconstructor, open the batboat and destroy the three silver table bases

    ->  For crack the riddler objective, you need to destroy the gold look then use electric suit to power the switch

    There are similar tricks for every stage and objective in each game. You can always find some hints along your journey in the game. Keep your eyes open for all these hints.