Guzaniacs rush to defend Brad


  1. After the USMNT roster was announced, it seemed clear that Brad Guzan would start the U.S. qualifiers against Costa Rica and Mexico. However, Alexi Lalas seemed confused as to why this might be a given...
  2. Despite the fact that Lalas tweeted this at an hour during which most Villa supporters were tucked up safely in their beds, Guzaniacs still rushed to Brad's defense. Within minutes, plenty of excellent reasons came across the twitters.
  3. Lalas was asked why it should be Rimando over Guzan. Guzaniacs had answers to his response for that as well.
  4. And this may be the best response of all (and yes, that's the official Brad Friedel account)
  5. And yet...we still have this comment
  6. Really, though, what it all comes down to is this: