1. Oh my, I remember making a macramé owl when I was in high school back in the late seventies. I loved the macramé owl.
  2. I had the macrame owl,dream catchers and hanging pot plant holders, should be a bring back macrame web site; loved it, plus the string ships, my mother knitted and crochet a million coat hangers.
  3. Love macrame, bring it back, I say. Made an macrame owl once, circa 1976 methinks.
  4. I remember doing amazing pot plant holders when I was a kid using macramé well I thought hey were amazing
  5. My Nana was a great knitter, crocheter and tatter but could lend her hand at anything crafty. When macrame was all the go she made me a macrame belt, owl and plenty of other stuff. My library card resides in a little case made from old birthday cards and plastic. crocheted together. I still use her crocheted linen tablecloth and doileys and my little grandchildren are now the proud owners of all the hobbytex pictures she did for my daughter. They are a lovely reminder of her.