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What does the dawn service mean to you?

720 ABC Perth is interested to know why, and what it means to you


  1. I've been going to the King's Park service for about 7 or 8 years with my wife Jodie. There's something very special about how quiet 50,000 (or however many) people can be. Watching the sky lighten in the East. The fantastic newsreels - different each year. It's a history lesson as well as a time to pay due respect to those who served. I'll be there again this year.
  2. There is something so special. Standing watching the sun rise and thinking of the terror those young boys must have felt. We must strive to end all wars
  3. I plan to go to Mandurah dawn service . . . Was there today and a Piper was playing . . Beautiful. It is my duty to make the effort to remember those Anzacs that made the ultimate sacrifice for both our wonderful countries. Truly thankful.
  4. will be in Bunbury as usual. every year a new attendance record is broken.
    will be in Bunbury as usual. every year a new attendance record is broken.
  5. Last year was our first dawn service at bayswater with our daughter in the girl guides unit there. They have a sleep over the night before to learn and discuss the meaning of Anzac Day. Both my husband and I daughter 9yrs and son 6yrs. It was a Very moving experience for us. This year we have moved to Adelaide and just today put her name down to attend the local service here with her new guide unit and she is very excited and honoured to be attending and sharing it with Service people and their families.
  6. I've been going to the Kings Park dawn service since the 1980s. When I was a Rover Scout, we held a St George's Day service the evening before and provided the honour guard service from 6pm the night before the dawn service. People used to come to watch the Changing Of The Guard ceremony every half an hour. Last year I took my daughter to her first dawn service and this year my 4 year old son will join us in Kings Park. I feel more Australian on ANZAC Day than I do on Australia Day.
  7. Every year rain, hail or shine since i was little, with my dad who served in Vietnam. For him and with him, out of respect to all who have served and are serving :)
  8. Have enjoyed several kings park dawn services over the years. Loved our Bindi Bindi Anzac ceremonies in childhood years with Jack Clancy singing Land of hope and glory, Albany, Busselton and Joondalup all good too
  9. I have done 5 dawn services at Kings Park when I was at boarding school. I attended every dawn service while living for 6 years in Albany. Now living in a small country town with no RSL members living, I am a part of the small community group providing this gift to our town by following our Australian Tradition, and running the service. I'm proud to be able to play a role in keeping the spirit of ANZAC alive in our town, remembering my grandfather, great grandfather's and Great Uncles who never returned. As many have said, I feel more Australian on ANZAC Day then any other day of the year. LEST WE FORGET
  10. Always go to the Dawn service to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defending this country and our freedoms. Time to reflect as the sun comes up and lights up the day so we can enjoy what others have given to us.