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Queensland Speaks

ABC Local Radio Queensland and ABC TV tackle the biggest issues ahead of the 2013 federal election with a panel of experts in Health, Immigration, Economy, Education, Natural Resources and Infrastructure, to put the issues in real terms for voters of Queensland.


  1.                                                      Economy

  2. Australian voters are thinking with their hip pocket - the economy is the most important issues to you, according to data from the Vote Compass survey.

    RBS Morgans economist Michael Knox says Australia is the 12th largest economy in the world and is one of the top 10 (out of 120 rated economies) to keep a Triple A credit-rating.

  3. Financial adviser Olivia Maragna from Aspire Retire Financial Services outlines what will end up in your hip pocket: Superannuation, Paid Parental Leave Scheme and the Carbon Tax.

  4. "Females [have] around $110,000 as an average balance [of super] in their sixties; closer to $200,000 for men. We are seeing a cut down on the coalition side of the low income super tax offset; a $500 benefit - the Labor government is keeping that in."

    On the coalitions Paid Parental Leave scheme Ms Maragna says the balance of a woman's super will be better under the Coalitions policy - "a great thing for women is that Super is going to be on top of that."

  5. Nick Behrens from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland identifies the buzzword 'red tape' and how it affects small business.

    "It is the bugbear of small business. The time and cost of 'red tape' essentially blunts business from growing and employing"
  6.                                                      Health

  7. Dr Christian Rowan is the President of the Australian Medical Association in Qld and Jim Toohey, President of Carers Qld discuss the issues at the heart of health systems in Australia: Aged care, disability services and hospital management.
  8. Jim Toohey of carers Queensland says Labor's response the the productivity commission report called caring for older Australian's calling it "one of the best blueprint's for the sector of where we need to go," however "most of the heavy lifting has been left four, or five years down the track."
  9. Will life be better no matter who wins government on September 7 for people with a disability?

    "There is genuine bi-partison agreement on the necessity for bringing a disability insurance scheme into being. It's a load we should bear more equally..." Jim Toohey
  10.                                                   Infrastructure