511CC Week in Review: Dec. 31-Jan. 6, 2011

Our weekly news & events roundup for Contra Costa County, East Bay & Bay Area for transit, biking and transportation.


  1. Upcoming Events & Dates to Remember

  2. In 2012:
  3. Benefits for commuters (driving and transit) roll back to pre-2009 levels. Biking benefits remain the same.
  4. New California traffic laws will be in effect. Read more about them here.
  5. Monday, January 16th, Martin Luther King Jr. Day:
  6. BART runs on Saturday schedule for MLK holiday
    BART runs on Saturday schedule for MLK holiday
  7. BART runs on a Saturday schedule.
  8. County Connection will run regular service.
  9. Local (Contra Costa County and East Bay)

  10. Congrats to our latest Pledge winner!
  11. New photos from the Caldecott Tunnel construction, and a time-lapse video:
  12. A Hercules waterfront transit center project update:
  13. Solano County transit users can expect Clipper cards within a year:
  14. Bay Area & California

  15. The San Francisco Bay Area was ranked to metropolitan area to live car-free by 24/7 Wall St. What was measured?