511CC Week in Review: March 17- March 23, 2012

Our weekly news & events roundup for Contra Costa County, East Bay & Bay Area for transit, biking and transportation.


  1. Upcoming Events & Dates to Remember

  2. Work with 511CC this summer! Apply to MTC's high school internship program beforeMarch 31st
  3. Bike to work day is Thursday May 10th, 2012! 
  4. Local (Contra Costa County and Eat Bay)

  5. Only 16% of money spent on cars stay in the local economy. AC Transit is buying it's new buses from a Hayward company. 
  6. Bay Area & California

  7. 6 ideas to improve Bay Area transit
  8. New survey report on what passengers want in next generation os BART cars. 10,000 people submitted their opinions!
  9. Extending BART under downtown San Jose.
  10. Other Good Reads in Transportation 

  11. Cute bike mounted planters make your two-wheeled ride extra green! 
  12. This bus shelter in London dispenses free cake!