5050by2020 Launch

On the 15th July the 5050by2020 campaign was launched by the Presiding Officer Dame Rosemary Butler and the Minister for Communities and Tackling Poverty Jeff Cuthbert in the Pierhead.


  1. Even before the event the excitement was building!

  2. We kicked off the evening with a short video

    (I recommend clicking the Youtube button so you can see it in full screen)
  3. Then Joy Kent of Chwarae Teg introduced the campaign and asked some sector leaders to give their thoughts on how the campaign might affect the various sectors.

    Helen Birthwhistle of the NHS spoke about the public sector
    Phil Jarrold of the WCVA spoke about the charities sector and
    Kathryn Roberts of Eversheds spoke about the private sector

  4. Before we got into the main feature of the night, pledging! Everyone was encouraged to write a pledge that contributes towards 5050by2020

    You can make your pledge too by visiting our website
  5. We couldn't agree more with Bablin, a lot of the work is needed in the lower levels of management in organisation to bring women through to board level in the first place and hopefully we'll see some pledges from organisations promoting this!
  6. We finished the evening with a group shot of all attendees holding up their pledges