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Futures of Work – thrive or survive?

This is a brief introduction to some material about the future of work. We'd like to know your views on what the future of work holds at


  1. Work. The word that has many meanings. In the material already published on “Future of work” it tends to mean employment or labour. What might change, what new types or work appear and which go.  It also touches on how the notion and nature of employment changes. 
  2. In 2009 Time Magazine published an article outlining the way it sees work changing over the following 10 years;

  3. Whilst focused on the US market themes the are familiar to many “developed” economies


    ·         Demographic shifts between Boomers, X’ers and Gen Y

    ·         Increase female participation and recognition

    ·         Increased flexibility in the work place

    ·         The emergence of the “green economy”

    ·         Ethical managers

    ·         Resilience of small scale, high skill manufacturing


    Questions remain about the impact of automation, does the rise of 3D printing mean a resurgence of localised production or is it the end of construction jobs?

  4. TEDxOjai - Behrokh Khoshnevis - Contour Crafting: Automated Construction
  5. Will “AI” mean there is anything for us to do at all? Andy Hines covers this and a lot of other ground in this great set of slides including the rise of post-modern values (slide 14). What does this mean to the economy and the nature of work when material consumption isn’t everything?


  6. Does the rise of the peer-to-peer production change the notion of ‘work’ or it part of a move of networked styles of working
  7. Are we heading towards the greening of work or work affected by environmental change and resource constraints?