Taft High School shooting - social media reports

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  1. UPDATE: Taft High School Shooting: SWAT Teams Storm the Area, Victim Airlifted - Live from Scene
  2. Just wanted to let you know my aunt Teresa who teaches at Taft High School,is ok after the shooting this morning.I don't have any other details but please do not try to contact her as she is in lockdown right now.Thank you for your well wishes.
  3. My fiancée and I have decided with all the recent school shootings, we are going to homeschool our children. Espically with today's most recent shooting at Taft high school in California.
  4. Another shooting at Taft high school in Taft California.However the shooter is in police net.Two people had been shot.Schools had been turned to war Zone in America.Up till now congress are yet to come out with law that can prevent this stupid act in future.
  5. SHOOTING at a High School in Taft California by a Student, we presume was either mentally ill or bullied. He got off 2 shots and was immediately apprehended. 1 bullet grazed a person and the person refused treatment. 1 person was airlifted to the hospital and no word. In California we have a security team at every High School (and junior high) and a police team assigned to every school. THIS ISN'T A POST ABOUT GUN CONTROL this is a post ABOUT PRIORITES, put your officers where they are needed most!
  6. Praying for everyone affected by the Taft high school shooting. These types of shooting are so tragic, but this one hits close to home.
  7. another school shooting...in Taft, Kern County....a high school....this time they got the shooter.
  8. BREAKING: One student shot at a high school in Taft, Calif. From ASSOCIATED PRESS: TAFT, Calif. (AP) -- A student was shot and wounded at a rural San Joaquin Valley high school Thursday and another student was taken into custody, officials said.
  9. #BREAKING We have reports of a shooting at Taft High School in Taft, southwest of Bakersfield in Kern County. At least two victims are reported hurt. Students have been evacuated.
  10. heard there was a school shooting at taft high school in Cali student walked in and open fire two people got hurt my tought and prayers go out to them and there families this is a shame smh
  11. Prayers to Taft High School...Yet another shooting. Everyone be safe out there...lets pray there isnt anymore in our own community or anywhere else for that matter...
  12. When will the madness stop?? We all think it could never be this close to home we always image it happening on the other side of the world. God please be with student and staff at Taft High School. Heavenly Father protect those who protect us and keep them from harms way. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.