Solanezumab is another failed Alzheimer's drug

Eli Lilly and Co ($LLY) announced today in a press release that two phase 3 Alzheimer's trials with their monoclonal antibody, solanezumab, failed to reach primary endpoints but that pooled data appeared to show a slowing of cognitive decline. Some analysts think this is a trial failure...


  1. Lilly shares rose in trading despite the news. However, hope that there was a silver lining to the data started to turn into hype by some media outlets and analysts:
  2. However, Alzheimer's patients and their caregivers should not have raised hopes from a hyped subset data that may be meaningless. None of the primary endpoints were met and some analysts and commentators considered this a failed trial:
  3. Experts believe that if is a meaningful effect in a small sub-set of patients then Lilly should run another trial. 
  4. Lilly may appear desperate for positive results in an indication such as Alzheimer's where there is a real unmet need for effective treatments and their late pipeline is thin: