URLLC 2017 (#URLLC2017) Conference Summary

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  1. The summary below contains input from a write-up by Martin Geddes and The Mobile Network.
  2. Chairperson' opening remarks
    Dr Mike Short - CBE, Vice President, Telefonica Europe
  3. Martin Geddes Conference Summary:
    * Demand side focus for industry
    * Fit-for-purpose as the theme
    * “Think about demand side as well as supply side, that would be great”
  4. 5G realities within the context of ultra-reliability and low latency communication
    Adrian Scrase - CTO ETSI
  5. The Mobile Network >> URLLC 2017 Liveblog: Adrian Scrase. Adrian says before we get into the technology, we should focus on the economy of 5G and the predicted boost to GDP that 5G could bring - as that's what out "political masters" are kicking us to get 5G up and running. Politicians see potential for wealth creation from 5G, but the industry knows that new generations of tech take time - which is why we are seeing telcos push to start now.
  6. The Mobile Network >> URLLC 2017 Liveblog: Back to Adrian who is providing a background on the building blocks of 5G. He points out that part of the history of 5G lies in its background with emergency services and D2D comms, and that this is now expanding to a wider definition of mission critical comms. Here's a quick run down.

    For IoT, 5G adds Massive MTC capability and low latency to IoT devices of 0.5-1.0ms.

    The automotive industry is faced with a choice, Adrian says, with one being 5G-based V2X as a potential path to go down. Railways also need highly reliable communications as GSM-R nears end of life. LTE and 5G could do what the train operators want for connecting trains. Other forms of automation include factory automation, that tends to work in the ISM band which is arguably less predictable than having dedicated spectrum. Manufacturers think 5G URLLC could be worth looking at.

    Adrian says satellite could be an important part of providing that all important coverage part of ultra-reliable. "As an industry in the past we have really screwed up with satellite," he said. With 5G the motivation is to put that right - so non-terrestrial components are an integral part of 5G. "That to me is a real game changer".
  7. The Mobile Network >> URLLC 2017 Liveblog: Summing up, Scrase says security and trust will be paramount for the end market, and must be built into 5G - "an inherent part of the system design". The story that outside industries don't trust the mobile industry is no longer true, he says. "We've made incredible progress in getting input from the industrial sector", he says.

    That means 5G is a "huge opportunity" for gains for society.
  8. Martin Geddes Conference Summary:
    * 5G — town of 30k people — creates 300 jobs — $50m value
    * City like Chicago — 90k jobs
    * 5G addresses new demand that 4G cannot reach
    * Mobile broadband not enough — also need massive M2M + URLLC
    * Need to talk in same terms across the industry
    * ITU defines the parameters
    * We “need to know what we mean for low latency” when we say “under 1ms”
    * 1 million devices per sq km
    * <1 sec per day when cannot send 32 byte packet over radio path
    * Automotive, public safety, factory automation — each have their own requirements
    * NFV, MEC — mechanism responses from telecoms
    * “Today’s IP is not good enough. We need to do something better.”
    * Complex network slicing — hard to implement
    * Zero-touch network + service management — very new, many emerging activities
    * Police, Fire, Ambulance — broadband — groups of 5k people, device to device, new requirements
    * Mission critical video, data — not just blue light services (a small industry)
    * Chipsets have to be common — with multiple applications
    * LTE cannot do “massive” or “critical”.
    * Automotive — 10 years developing own standard
    * Huge scale, low component cost
    * High-speed trains — GSM-R — end of life
    * Looking to LTE+5G
    * Functional requirements similar to M2M; done gap analysis
    * Initially Europe, then global
    * Satellite — 3G poor, 4G missing. 5G new story — will be component, same radio but adjusted. Integral part of 5G system. Game changer — drones, high-altitude platforms.
    * Short timescales: new radio, new core network.
    * Don’t mention network management, too complicated for manual way. Automated and zero-touch. Will need AI to manage network.
    * Lacking — security, privacy, trust.
    * Careful system design needed to reach full potential.
    * 5G is for everyone and everything — driven by industries and beneficiaries.
    * Agriculture, transport, automation — coming to us. Some missing.
  9. An update on 3GPP activities for the specification of 5G radio and core Network
    Pierpaolo Marchese - Head of Standard Coordination, Telecom Italia Spa
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