3D Glasses


  1. 3D is gaining ever more popularity these days, especially at the movie theater. When you go to watch a movie at the theater today, most have the option to be viewed in 3D or in 2D. In order to be able to watch a movie in 3D, you will need a pair of 3D glasses.

    3D glasses make it to wear the images on the screen look as if they are coming out at you. It appears that you can grab them or that things like rocks will fall directly on you. Watching a movie with 3D glasses enhances the experience and makes going to the theater that much more rewarding.

    Today's 3D Glasses look like a regular pair of sunglasses, but back in the day, everybody knew what a pair of 3D glasses were due to the fact that their lenses were red and blue. They gave the same effect as the newer version, making objects appear to jump right off the movie or television screen at you, but they did not look as cool. The old red and blue 3D glasses certainly were not as popular as the new ones of today and you did not find them just anywhere. They were something special and fun that you didn't see all that often, which made the experience with them unique.

    3D glasses can be found in just about every movie theater across the united states these days and so they are not as unusual as the original red and blue specs.

    Some people do not like wearing 3D glasses because they make their eyes hurt and give them a headache. It is for that reason that some people still prefer 2D movies over 3D movies. They don't have to worry about wearing those annoying 3D Glasses if they go and see the movie in 2D, which is just as rewarding and fun as going to see the same movie in 3D. 

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