Praised Be: The Pope's Encyclical and Multi-Faith Climate Action


  1. "The encyclical casts climate change as an issue that not only is scientifically important but also has moral and spiritual implications. It also ties the issue to others, such as caring for the poor, who are expected to bear the brunt of more extreme weather and rising sea levels. Depicting climate change as a moral issue resonates deeply with many climate activists."
  2. From the Church of England: "The transition to a low carbon economy is urgent. Churches and other faith communities have a unique power to mobilise people for the common good and change attitudes and behaviours. We also need to strengthen our politicians to achieve ambitious, accountable and binding climate change agreements, nationally and internationally.
  3. Pope Francis will also be tweeting throughout the day great quotes from the Encyclical
  4. Full text of here:
  5. Even before the release of the Pope's Encyclical -- religious leaders from other faiths were feeling the momentum and speaking up about climate issues.