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Ende Gelände - Live Blog

Over a thousand people from all across Europe attempt to shut down the continent's biggest source of carbon emissions. Follow here for live updates from the day. (All times are local time in Germany)


  1. Ende Gelände: Here And No Further
  2. Sunday 16, 8:00AM: Late last night all of the activists were released from police custody and were able to return to camp. Despite spending the day in police busses they were in very high spirits, knowing that they had sent a strong message to politicians and the fossil fuel industry.

  3. Saturday 15, 8:00PM: Today has been a greater success than anyone could have imagined. 1500 people taking part in the action is more than anyone was expecting. 1000 of those people were able to enter the mine and shut down two diggers for the day. Each digger is capable of tearing 240,000 tons of coal from the ground every day so the significance of this should not be underestimated.

    It should also be celebrated that so many people took part in an action of this type for the first time today. The size of today's action shows that people are tired of waiting for governments to take the threat of climate change seriously and many people are ready to step up and take direct action.

    We are unsure of the exact numbers but many people are still being detained by police but most people have now returned to camp and are enjoying a well earned rest. It's been a long day for a lot of people today, including your live-blogger.

    But before I sign off, I want to thank everyone who sent in a message of support for the people who took part in today's action. We have hand written some of the hundreds of messages that we received and posted them on a notice board so that people could see them as they returned to camp. But now that the sun is beginning to set we are setting up the projector so that we can display a slideshow of all of the messages.

    More photos and videos will be uploaded tomorrow and we are hoping for a safe return for everyone who is being detained by police. But for now, goodnight.
  4. Saturday 15, 7:30PM: Some awesome news coverage starting to appear. This one from one of Germany's biggest news networks. (In German, but if you don't speak it the footage speaks for itself.)
  5. Saturday 15, 6:00PM: All of the climate activists appear to have been removed from the mine. Some people have been taken to police stations in a number of towns nearby and we are waiting to hear more. A large number of people have been released and have returned to the camp in good spirits. Today has been a huge success. 1500 people left camp this morning, 1000 people entered the mine and stopped diggers for the day. They should be proud of what they have achieved today.
  6. Saturday 15, 3:15PM: Amazing numbers that we have just received. There are still about 600 people in the mine. A quick count reveals that 1500 people left the camp this morning and 1000 people made it into the mine. This is huge!
  7. Saturday 15, 2:21PM: We have just uploaded some amazing photos from this morning showing people as they head towards the mine.
  8. Saturday 15, 2:15PM: To recap. Some time before 7AM this morning over 1000 people left the camp to head towards the mine. They seperated into groups and all of those groups had people who were able to get pastpolice lines and enter the mine. The police were more hostile than anticipated and quite a number of people were hit by pepper spray and batons. Those that participated in the demonstration kept their commitment of de-esculation.

    There are still a large number of people inside the mine. A group has been surrounded by the police, some havehad their hands bound and others are having their details taken by police. It is taking a long time for the police toremove everyone because they do not have enough vehicle and are relying on RWE for trucks which are equipedfor entering the mine. We hear that the people who are surrounded are in good spirits.

    Journalists and press were removed by the police before they removed those who were participating in the action.

    Another group are occupying one of the diggers and have not yet been removed. Meanwhile, three of the diggers remain stationary.