Hundreds Fill Up Nation-Wide Climate Townhalls

From May 24th-27th, MPs across Canada hosted climate townhalls for their constituents. At every event, the room was packed with hundreds of people speaking up for the People's Climate Plan. To find a townhall near you, visit Here are some highlights from this week!

  1. People came out in record-breaking numbers to speak up for ambitious climate action.
  2. Before heading in to the consultations, People's Climate Plan supporters had briefings to discuss the best strategy for collectively call for science-based climate action that commits Canada to a justice-based transition to a 100% renewable energy economy.
  3. Next, everyone went in showing their overwhelming support for a science-based climate strategy that speeds a justice-based transition to a 100% renewable energy economy.
  4. People made it abundantly clear that climate ambition means respecting the scientific reality of climate change by keeping fossil fuels in the ground. It also means building a 100% renewable energy future and enshrining justice for Indigenous peoples and those impacted most by climate change.
  5. All across the board, it was a full house!
  6. In Winnipeg, the townhall was hosted by the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna. People from nearby communities filled up school buses in order to make sure their voices were heard by the Minister. So much so, that the venue reached capacity very quickly and many attendees, including the minister, had to sit on the ground instead of at a table.
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