People's Parliament

Putting People Ahead of Polluters


  1. Here is a wonderful wrap up of today's People's Parliament
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  3. 2:10PM: Looks like it's all over now. To recap. Today at around 12:20PM a People's Parliament was formed inside the foyer of Parliament House in Canberra. The Parliament heard from representatives of Indigenous communities who are fighting to protect their lands from mines and fossil fuel infrastructure, Pacific Island communities who are fighting for strong action on climate change to prevent their homes from being destroyed by sea level rises and from farmers fighting fracking. Despite being a peaceful gathering, security soon began forcibly removing people. People in the Parliament used their bodies to protect the front-line voices so that they could be heard. As security removed people, the People's Parliament began to reconvene outside where they concluded the Parliament by hearing once again from people on the front lines of climate change impacts. It was a powerful display of solidarity and commitment to stand up for country and impacted communities and to fight for climate justice.
  4. 1:45PM: Aunty Mable is addressing the People's Parliament again outside. Earlier they heard from Zane who spoke about climate change impacts in Kiribati. People are putting their bodies on the line to protect front-line voices so they can be heard today. Inspiring.
  5. 1:40PM: The People's Parliament has been told that they only have 10 more minutes to make speeches outside and then will be asked to leave
  6. 1:22PM: All members of the People's Parliament have now been removed from the foyer of Parliament House, but they are continuing to conduct proceedings outside.